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What is BOHO Style?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Boho, which is short for Bohemian. Is a unique design style, one that is so personal and really driven by each individual person, there are no set "RULES" yet when we see it, we generally know that this style would be considered boho.

So lets dive in and explore what makes this style so awesome!

Boho style, or Bohemian style is really an eclectic style that is designed to "break the rules" of interior design. I feel like if you described this design style as a person or persona you could say this style would resemble a artist, or writer, perhaps a nomad with no set address travel the world free of any restraints.

It is a style that blends styles, objects and patterns, it represents the collection of items that have value and me

aning to the person who posses it... not necessarily in monetary value. think a antique writing desk passed down for generations that holds sentimental value that can't be


That is BOHO.

The best part about this design style, is that it is as individual as the person who embraces it.

What is the definition of Bohemianism?

"Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people and with few permanent ties. It involves musical, artistic, literary, or spiritual pursuits. In this context, Bohemians may or may not be wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds."

What colours are typical in the BOHO decor?

( even with no rules we tend to find themes)

Generally we find a more saturated colour pallet, embodying warm and earthy tones. think Deep browns, greens and grays.

You also tend to find a lot of metallic and jewel tones.

It is a colour pallet that you typically see a lot of layering and combination of colours.

When you are wanting to build this look think of these types of materials to help you get started

The mixing of patterns and textures, some examples you typically see include:

  • Ikat: A dyeing technique used to pattern textiles

  • Suzani: type of embroidered and decorative tribal textile

  • Macrame: a form of textile produced using knotting, rather then weaving

When it comes to materials, with BOHO design you typically see a mix of patterns and a lot of layering. Taking rugs and hanging them on walls ( also known as Tapestries) and unlike the minimalist approach to design, this style is more... and MORE.

BOHO Furniture is one of my favorite elements of this design style. It is embracing items that have been reclaimed over time. BOHO is the true sustainable design style. It embraces the antique, second hand and vintage pieces that is typically very curated and personal to the person who has selected or kept the item. It is truly a collection of items that you love, that hold value in your heart. Which is why I believe there is such a resurgence and appreciation for this design style. It is not necessarily one that can be "bought".

True BOHO design is achieved over time and with love and care.

BOHO lighting and accessories fall in much of the same theme we have been seeing with this design style. It involves layering.

With BOHO think understated lighting, lamps, candles, table lighting, lanterns... a mix of many styles and lighting levels. Accent lighting goes a long way to develop the BOHO design aesthetic.

Another key feature with your accessories is PLANTS! BOHO and Biophilia go hand in hand! (check out this article for more on Biophilia:

Embracing nature is another key element to the BOHO design style, think ferns, succulents and hanging plants... in a hand made macrame holder to boot!

So how do you bring it all together?

The beauty of this design style, is there is no "right" way. The way to achieve this look is to use family heirlooms, source handmade items, search vintage stores for unique items that speak to you as a person. Take items from your travels and display them throughout your space.

The key is finding items that you LOVE and giving them a presence within your space. It isn't a set look, it is an accumulation of your personal style and taste that blends together to tell the storey of your life and your life journey.

Boho can be colourful, wild, glamorous, or earthy... whatever YOU are.

BOHO is YOU!!!


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