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Designer Tip - My Favorite Neutral!

I got to thinking what is one of those questions that I get asked often and that is about paint colours. Most often it is about what are my go to neutrals or whites.

So today I wanted to share with you my ALL TIME favorite neutral... I have used it on SO MANY projects. Shhh... Don't tell my clients LOL

Getting straight to it my all time hands down most used and loved by many neutral is


Why do I love this neutral so much?

It is the most universal neutral I have found to date, it's undertones so far has matched any other colour I have paired it with. Which is why it is my all time favorite.

Some of my other go to's are:

Benjamin Moore // November Rain 2142-60

* This one has a slightly green undertone, so you do have to watch what you pair it with but it is a stunning neutral, I have used this many times, I find it is a good off white shade that isn't really grey but not really white! Which makes it a fantastic neutral

Benjamin Moore // Pashmina AF-100

*This is a little deeper then the other 2 but I love the perfect GREIGE that it is. I have used this one in my entire main floor of my home and I love it!

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