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37 Life lessons I have learned by 37

1. No matter what you believe in. Religion. Creed. Manifesto. Believe in yourself first

2. You are not better then anyone else. Period. We are all equal. We all shit the same way.

3. You are not special. There are no 2 humans exactly the same. We all are unique in our

experience of life

4. Be grateful. Nothing fancy about it. No special journals or mantras need to happen.

5. Say thank you, appreciate others for things they do. Say a silent thank you to the universe when something good happens. Be aware of the good things. Seek them out if needed

6. You can not buy your health. So make it a priority.

7. Travel. Experiences will far outweigh stuff

8. Admit when you are wrong. People will like u more for it

9. Smile.

10. Read. Your brain is a muscle that needs to be worked

11. A celebrity is just a human who took a different path then u did. They deal with real life challenges just like we all do. They also shit the same way.

12. Comparing yourself to others does not help u. There will always be someone thinner, fitter, more successful then yourself. It’s ok to be where you are today

13. Set goals. Write them down and plan how to achieve them. Talk steps to actively work towards them

14. Be willing to accept change. Life throws curve balls. Roll with it. Sometimes what we once wanted we don't have the same passion for. That ok.

15. You’re allowed to change your mind. What you believe in today you may not tomorrow. The truth you said at one time does not have to be your bible. You can grow and learn and thus become a new version of yourself. You are not stuck to former ideologies if you don't want to be.

16. Don't let others tell you who you are. Only you can be you. Own your truth

17. Be authentic. Leaders are just people who chose to be themselves and don't expect others to create there narrative

18. Seek expert advice. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Learn from others. Be open to all the knowledge and learn how to weed out fake news

19. Adapt. Know that situations arise that you are unprepared for. Learn to take it. Breath. Think. Don't rush your response and sometimes you have to change what you thought you knew.

20. Faith = conscious. Value doing the right thing. You don't have to believe in a certain god to have faith in something bigger then yourself.

21. Spend time with your parents when you think you have better things to do. They are irreplaceable and can be taken from us far sooner then we are prepared for.

22. Make family your best friends. They love you regardless of yourself.

23. Don't rush marriage. If you’re going to be together forever what is the rush? Enjoy the journey

24. Marry your best friend. Love is an emotion that can change easily and will evolve over time. Long marriages last because beyond the chemistry and lustful love you truly enjoy the person you are spending your life with

25. Go to counselling. Know that sometimes you need someone to help you along the way. Grief, marriage, children are examples of things that fundamentally change who you are. It’s ok to lose your way sometimes. But don't be afraid to reach out and seek guidance

26. Fail. Because failure leads to learning. Learning from failing means you have opportunities to make something better

27. Wait. Stop. Don't rush. Try to enjoy today because tomorrow is not a guarantee and yesterday has passed.

28. Love honestly and purely. Love is mutual. You can not force people to love you or even like you for that matter. Know that games or gimmicks do not work and only hurt you over time

29. Tell the people that matter to you how you feel. You never know when you won’t have that chance anymore

30. Make time for people.

31. It’s OK to move on from people who don't make you feel good. You can wish them love and happiness and not chose to be around them.

32. Don't wish bad things on others. No matter how much they have hurt you. Walk away. Karma she is a bitch. So be the bigger person and let it go

33. Forgive easily. Because holding onto it only damages you. Forgiveness gives you the power to move on.

34. What others think of me. Is none of my business

35. Be humble. Because being full of yourself is seriously unattractive acknowledge others, everyone wants to feel valued. When you show kindness to others it spreads. Like a cold but better

36. Laugh. Seek laughter out. It lifts burdens we didn't know we had.

37. Be positive. Because life is too short to see the glass is half empty


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