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The Design Process

The Process:

Client requests there space to be reviewed

Meeting with client

Site measure + photos

If not already available create floor plan of existing

Create inspiration / mood boards to help client see what the final design could look like

As per client discussion create new floor plan options for approval

Select furniture and finishes for project scope and have client approve

Once approved layout is determined work on construction drawings

These include (may be additional ones):

Demo plan

Floor plan

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Elevations and Millwork

Furniture and electrical planSections

*The better the detail the more accurate the quotes for construction

Have client review drawing set, go over furniture selections and details with client

Hire or bid out for contractors

Apply for permits if necessary

Once project begins, manage project through to completion

This is just a small project currently underway.ย  Next post to cover just how HGTV is not like the real world.

Happy Designing friends

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