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Interior Design Hub Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary firm founded in 2010 by Ania Sousa. 


Interior Design Hub Ltd. specializes in Commercial Interior Design and Residential Design.  

Whether you are looking at revamping your office space, opening a new retail location, or refreshing your residence our team of highly qualified professional Interior Designers are interested in meeting with you to discuss how we can bring your vision to reality. 



Being creative is not just doing fun designs, ​although we love fun designs.  Being creative is working through challenges and finding optimal solutions. This is exciting and challenging and something we at Interior Design Hub excel at.


A key ingredient to a well designed space is making sure to emphasize quality craftsmanship.  We work with partners who will deliver an exceptional final design project. 


We believe that the true success of any project comes down to the team work that went into it.  From working with clients, to team members, vendors and contractors we strive to collaborate effectively and efficiently to achieve an exception design project. 


We strive to become the best versions of our selves through continued learning and development.  This keeps us on our toes and aware of what is happening in the design world, learning new techniques and striving to provide exceptional and up to date services. 

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Interior Design Services

  • Define the scope of the project, help identify and quantify what will be needed for your new space

  • Design a Space, through floor plans, elevations and 3D renderings we will bring our vision to life

  • Develop budgets on all interior finishes and furnishings, as well as budgets for interior improvements.

  • Design all interior details.

  • Selection of Furniture, Finishes and Equipment

  • Specify and budget furniture for your space

  • Review and coordinate furniture layouts with lighting & electrical plans.


Programming and Space Management

  • As experts in Space Management and Furniture we are the ideal team to audit your existing space and determine how to manage your existing or new location in the most efficient way possible.

  • We offer services that will inventory your existing furniture and create a program which shows areas where items can be reconfigured and the space can be readjusted for your current office needs

    • Additional space or barriers between staff members​

    • Promote a flexible work environment through schematic design

    • Determine hoteling station locations and needs assessment based on current and future staffing requirements

Construction & Fit-Out Drawings

  • Existing/Demolition/New partition plans

  • Telephone/Electrical plans

  • Reflected ceiling plans/lighting plans 

  • Wall and floor finish plans and schedules

  • Interior details and design as required, including cabinets, millworks, etc.

  • Furniture installation drawings

  • Work with Code consultant/Architect Etc. to assist in permit application process

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Project Management

  • Coordinate and review drawings with contractors

  • Maintain project schedules

  • Review all bids and pricing

  • Provide on-site inspections during construction

  • Provide assistance during move-in

  • Provide punch lists of all work to be completed

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