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Why HIRE an Interior Designer?

Why HIRE an Interior Designer

#1) You SAVE Money

Ever heard the term measure twice and cut once? When you hire a designer that is what you are essentially doing. You are saving yourself from making costly mistakes due to lack of resources, knowledge and expertise. It is not to say there isn’t a place for the DIY, however when it comes to creating Interiors that you dream of you are better off bringing in a pro.

An Interior Designer is an expert in the field of Interiors they understand the process, the expectations, can budget for contingencies, manage trades and site conditions not leaving anything for the client to have to worry about, or make costly mistakes in decisions due to not understanding the process.

When you hire a designer they will work with you to take you vision and make it a reality. Leaving you time to focus on other things in your life while they work on the design process, and project management. Creating a great relationship with your designer and having regularly scheduled meetings will keep your mind at ease while your space is being pulled together.

#2) You save TIME

Let’s be honest, time equals money! Having a designer means you have a professional who specializing in managing Interior project and the design process. They will save time throughout the process, because they know the process. They will be able to sit with you and go over what to expect, realistic timelines and what the outcome should be.

A professional Interior Designer can anticipate obstacles as they arise and work on solutions immediately, updating you at your regularly scheduled project meeting. What this means for you, is that you are not taking time away from family, work or other obligations in order to deal with something that arises on site.

Think about it this way, if there is an issue that arises on site, and you are unable to get there for 4 hours, that is 4 hours you are paying people to sit around and wait for a decision on how to proceed. It is generally unrealistic for the client to be on site throughout the process. When you hire an Interior Designer you have the peace of mind knowing that they are going to be able to deal with a site condition within an hour generally, saving you time and money.

#3) You get a PROFESSIONAL assessment

When you hire a professional Interior Designer, you are getting YEARS of experience. In order to become a designer you first have to get your degree in Interior Design, then around 4000 hours of apprenticeship under a registered Interior Designer, and finally the completion of 3 exams that will then qualify a designer as a Registered Interior Designer ( this designation is called NCIDQ)

Why is this important? Because all of this means that they have been very well trained in the field of design, from concept, planning, design drawings, construction drawings, building code review, permit applications and project management.

When you hire an Interior Designer the will be able to see your project in a way that you most likely don’t, and they will be able to navigate the process quickly and efficiently saving you time, money and stress.

A designer has spent years honing there skills and learning the business, it is what gives them a designers eye! When you hire a designer you an expert in there field, how a dentist knows teeth and a lawyer knows law, a designer knows design!

#4) A Designer SPEAKS Design

When coordinating with contractors, architects, engineers, trades, building permit officials etc. there is a language around construction that an Interior Designer understands. They can read the drawings, understand the questions and help navigate the process quickly.

Generally people who are not a part of the business of design and construction are unfamiliar with these terms and will get lost when trying to understand a set of drawings.

Having conversations around electrical, plumbing, mill-work details and other details noted in a set of drawings, if interpreted incorrectly could be very costly. It can lead to confusion and a lot of time through the explanation of these items when you don’t fully understand what they mean. The pressure of having to understand and navigate questions around construction without the experienced professional to guide you can make for rather stressful situations and can even end up in costly mistakes if something is misunderstood.

Hiring a designer means that they can work with you on what you want to achieve and deal with the construction on your behalf, eliminating stress, anxiety and financial implications. A designer will be able make sure that your project is managed well, be available to answer any questions relating to the design or construction of the project and keep your project moving forward on time and on budget.

#5) Designers are CONNECTED

An Interior Designer has access to resources that the general public does not. One of the best parts of hiring a professional Interior Designer is that you get access to there resources for the design of your project.

These resources come from connected with contractors which mean better pricing, electricians, plumbers and other trades people that have worked with the designer on many projects therefore giving them preferred rates. They also do this because they are dealing with a professional in the field and they know the project will go smoothly with a expert navigating the scope, design and project management.

Designer also have access to discounts that are not offered to the public, in most cases these are transferred to the client. So when it comes to furniture purchases, flooring, lighting and other finishes, the designer will get the professional trade rate, something that isn’t available to people outside of the business. This can be extremely valuable especially on larger projects where these savings can run into the thousands!

#6) You get the LOOK you want and LOVE!

When you work with a professional Interior Designer you take the vision that you have for your space and take it from concept to reality.

Whether it is commercial or residential design hiring a professional to work with will make the entire process so much more enjoyable and it will take a look that you may have been satisfied with to a space you will be in AWWW of.

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