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Scandinavian Design Style

What is Scandinavian style?

  • Scandinavian Style is a take on modern design. It is a movement towards simplicity, functionality and efficiency.

  • This interior Style usually has a use of organic materials, bare ornamentation and clean lines. The colour pallet is often white and black with some greys and blues and a little pop of colour.

  • The Scandinavian style has a softer take then traditional modern design, it silhouettes are more rounded and natural which creates a more comfortable application even with minimalist layouts and arrangements.

History of this design style:

Type of Design that originated in the Nordic countries in the mid 50’s

  • Norway

  • Sweden

  • Denmark

  • (sometimes included: Finland, Iceland and Greenland)

Look evolved from famous Scandinavian designers such as:

  • Alvar Aalto

  • Hans Wegner

  • Arne Jacobsen

  • Eero Arnio

  • Ingvar Kamprad

Climate of Northern Europe, specifically the long winters strongly influenced utility and simplicity far above decoration.

How to get the look!

No Carpet

Embracing clean floors, natural wood, in a lighter tone is very typical Scandinavian design.

Use Light Colours

Think Whites, Creams, Vanilla tones! and tone on tone

use of light colours in your colour pallet with small accents of black and grey and a little splash of colour like a pastel pink or light blue will help you achieve this look.

Natural Wood / Light tone

Like the floors, the use of lighter tone woods in everything from the accents, furniture to cabinetry is quintessential Scandinavian

Clean Lines

Scandinavian is really a version of minimize, although it is more organic in shape and form the lines are still traditionally clean and simple. No over embelishment here.

Clutter Free Space

Keep it clean. The Scandi style is known for embracing as little clutter as possible. So embrace this look by editing your space. By decreasing the clutter you allow for more "white" space which is a key element to this look.

Simple Accents

Much like cleaning your space, being selective on the accents you have are key. Think single line drawings, a single plant, a few neutral books.... even the accents in your space following a clean line, neutral colour pallet will take this look to the next level.

Natural Light

One of the typical features you will see is minimal shades or drapery on windows, most of the time you will see it completely bare. If that is not an option for you, plan to use a light linen curtain that is similar in color to the walls or white to maintain that open and airy feeling of the space.

Bring in Nature

One thing that I love about this design style is that it brings in nature, there is a true sense of connectivity with the earth. If you don't have a green thumb, consider succulents and cactus plants, they still bring in the greenery you are after without requiring to much maintenance. Also it seems as though everyone has this plant below. It is a Fiddle leaf fig tree!

Natural and Comfortable textiles

Although Scandi design is minimalist in nature it is still embracing comfortable. Think natural fibers like Wool, Cotton and Linens.

Weather you decide to design your entire space around this look, or just add elements into your existing space you will love the look and feel of the Scandinavian elements!

Want to see more?

I have a video you can check out on You tube:

Until next time Design Peeps!


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