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My You Tube set up and why I started now

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I think if you truly know me you wouldn't be surprised at all....but you would have had to know me since I was just a child to see that this endeavor is totally fitting.

When I was young I loved drama. I was involved in theater both in and out of school. It was something I was passionate about. And being in front of people has always come very naturally for me.

But sometimes life and other things take over. I didn't pursue acting past high school and my attention went to college, partying and ultimately finding a job.

When I finally focused on my passion Interior Design it was a challenge to get into the biz. And I spent many years building my career. Then family and passing my NCIDQ exam ate up more time. But I had floated the idea of starting a YouTube channel for many years.

Ultimately I never started because I didn't have what I thought I needed and I didn't know how to edit or even post onto YouTube

As well as other thoughts that were holding me back

· I'm to old

· I'm not pretty enough

· Will I sound ok

· Will I be able to edit /post a video

· Will people like me

· Will they watch

What I realized

· Your never to old

· Why would that matter

· Just be you

· You can learn anything you put your mind to

· Why wouldn't they

I decided to do this for me.... do I want to have a big audience yes, but ultimately I wanted to put myself out there because starting is the hardest part. I am so grateful and appreciate those who watch my videos weather it is 10 or 10000, I want to strive to put out good quality content and most importantly I strive to be 1% better every time, learning as I go doing the best that I can.

So how I actually started:

One day it just dawned on me. For all the things I have taught myself through YouTube videos (like sewing and knitting) I bet I could learn how to edit videos. So with my 2 year old cell phone...which turns out to be a good phone for shooting, I jut gave it a whirl.

This is my phone if you are curious: I did a lot of reviews on phones, and this one is actually rated really well for video. I mean other then a proper camera.

My first test video was of walking to the basement with my coffee mug just like my favorite you tubers Kara and Nate

if you haven't seen them check them out. Cutest couple ever travelling the world. Trying to copy there beginning I just played with using the software and filming and a few simple things like adding text. Once I figure that out I was ready to roll!

So I watched about 3 beginner videos on how to edit on premier pro...and then just dove in.

I shot my first actual video with my cell phone, a desk lamp, a stack of books and the one and only thing I purchased a microphone for $40 on Amazon

I did hear audio is the one thing you should try to nail.

I have also since starting changed my lighting to a ring light you can find that here:

My first video is super light on the editing...but as Sean Cannell from Think Media ( another great you tube channel) says "punch fear in the face" and you know what it didn't turn out 1/2 bad…. Currently it still has the most views of all my videos… J

You can check it out here if you want to see it:

Now I'm not some super star on You Tube yet. But I'm having fun and figuring this stuff out as I go. Each video gets a little better and I keep learning through blogs and YouTube more and more tips for how to be better.... and I'm so excited now to make more videos!

Will this become something that generates an income for me? I sure hope so to be honest because I am loving it! Being in front of the camera feels very comfortable for me and honestly the editing is becoming one of my favorite things to do.

At first I was worried I would run out of video ideas but I have started to ask friends and family what do you want to see and from there and googling interior design and I have become super inspired. I have over 20 ideas in the works.... and everyday am open to whatever people ask me about. Just yesterday someone asked me to cover how I passed the NCIDQ in detail. Tips on how to study what to study etc. So that is coming up!

I want to be a resource for people who want to become designers, a resource for those that want to decorate or do some design work in there own homes and offer the insider scope to what the Interior Design world is really like. Not just the curated TV version!

What I have learned is life is far too short not to try new things, no matter what the outcome is, you will be successful because you will have learned something new and that is always a reward in itself!

If you are thinking of starting a You Tube channel or pursuing something new, I say go for it. Do some research and give it a whirl.... and if it isn't your thing no worries.... you don't have to stick with it, but at least you tried!


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