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How to PASS your NCIDQ exam

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Are you thinking about writing your NCIDQ exam? Are you overwhelmed with the process?

I have been there and I feel you.

I have put together 3 videos to help you navigate this exam.

Part One covers how to go through the application process and then deep dive into materials the tips for studying.

All the methods I used to learn the material and how I tackled studying in order to pass. I go into everything I did to study and pass my NCIDQ exam.

I passed the IDFX and IDPX on the first try!

Check that our here:

Part two covers my study schedule, how as a busy mom that worked a full time job I was able to find the time to study for this exam and PASS!

Also I go in depth about the Q practice program and how I used it to study for the exam without breaking the bank.

Check that our here:

Part three gets you ready for exam day! Everything you NEED and want to know about exam day.

I am also covering some of the format of the actual exams and style of questions you can expect.

Check that our here:

Any questions about the exam please feel free to reach out!


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