Digital Planner for Interior Design!

This is a Digital planner specifically designed for project's. As an Interior Designer I wanted to create a digital file that I could take on meetings to keep track of notes and ideas without having to waste paper.

I came up with this digital planner that isn't specific to a year, but can be used over and over.

It has space for 10 projects at one time, when you are done with a project you can upload the image to your desktop files and clear that space for a new project.

There are also extra sketch pages and note pages for ideas or thoughts that you haven't placed into a project yet.

Structure of your digital planner includes: (pages are all hyperlinked for ease of use)


-Monthly Calendar

-Sketch pages

-Note Pages

-Inspirational image pages

Project 1-10 within the project you have:

-Project and client info



-Inspirational images



-Task List

-Budget Tracker

-Deficiency walk through notes

-Closeout Notes

* I have good notes and this works excellent on that platform

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